Saturday, June 23, 2001

airport, concert tickets, and being 14

I'm going to New Orleans tomorrow night. You have no idea how excited I am.

I still haven't packed. It's too damned hot. I'm making a list of things to pack, though. And figuring out my schedule for tomorrow. Here's what I have so far: 4:30, start getting my stuff together; 5:00, leave my apartment; 5:15 arrive at Suburban Station, hit taco bell and dunkin donuts, get a gordita and a coolatta (maybe I'll get a soda with the gordita, and drink the coolatta afterwards, cause together seems kind of gross); 5:30, catch the R1; around 5:50, arrive at the airport, find United, check in, etc. Then I sit around until 7:45 when my plane leaves. I want to arrive extra early just in case. (PS, all of those are PM)

I have to go to the bank, and to Tower to buy some cd's to listen to on the plane, but I refuse to leave before they give away another pair of Matchbox Twenty tickets on Q102. The concert is the day after I get back from New Orleans, and I reeeeeally want to go.

This has probably been the most boring entry ever. It's like I'm a fourteen year old, telling you everything that happened during my day. (Well apparently I LOOK like a 14 year old, so it's all good, I guess.) While I'm at it, why don't I pretend I'm fourteen? Hmmm...what would I have written if I was fourteen...

"Wow thank God the school year is over! Freshman year sucked!!! Ohmigod, Mark toooootally smiled at me today and I was like, duuuuude, awesome!!!! he is soooooooo cute. Cuter even than, like, eddie vedder. totally.
But like, then, karyn had to totally go and ruin my day by being bitchy to me. what the hell is up with her? she totaly stole all of my friends. what a whore."

No, wait, "what a whore" is what I would say now. Oh well.

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