Sunday, June 24, 2001

caffeine and forbidden foods

It'll probably be a while before I'm able to get online and update. I'm so excited, in 12 hours I'll be almost there. I think my fi (bridespeak for fiance) has to work on Monday so I'll have plenty of time to chill online. I'm about to go buy sandwich baggies to pack stuff in. And a can of soda for lunch.

The thing about me and soda is, that I'm a total caffeine addict. I'm trying to limit my caffeine intake, so I'm buying my soda one can at a time from the machine around the corner (only 50 cents, and it has cherry coke and root beer). Because if I bought a 2 liter bottle, I'd drink the whole think in about 30 minutes. I'm like a chain-drinker - when I finish a glass, I'm up pouring another one and drinking it before I even realize it.

If I don't have at least one soda or coffee during the day, I get hit with an absolutely excruciating withdrawal headache around 5pm. Even 600mg of Ibuprofen (which I was prescribed last time I sprained my ankle) doesn't make it go away.

What really sucks, though, is that I'm not supposed to be drinking coffee or soda at all - even decaffeinated - because of my stupid acid reflux. The entrance to my esophagus doesn't close all the way, but apparently it's not bad enough for the surgery that fixes it, so...

I'm not supposed to eat: greasy or fatty foods; spicy or heavily seasoned foods; coffee; cola; tomatoes (!); chocolate (I may as well be dead!); orange juice (!!!!!). I could LIVE on chocolate and orange juice. I think I have in the past. And tomatoes! Sigh.

Well at least I'll be in New Orleans soon, and I'll be able to sample all that fabulous cajun cuisine...DOH!

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