Thursday, June 21, 2001


I got a haircut yesterday. Usually I am thrilled when I get a haircut, but I'm not sure this time. My regular hairstylist is on maternity leave, and the girl who cut my hair made it jaw-length instead of chin-length. That extra inch and a half makes a big difference when you have a round-ish face.

ME (looking in the mirror): Is my face puffy? It looks puffy.
MY SISTER: It doesn't look any different.
ME: Maybe it's just a different shape than I remember.
Then I realized that it's just the length of my hair that makes my face look rounder. Oh well. It'll grow.

Speaking of hair, I was remembering the other day how the teacher of my high school Health class told us that conditioner is useless. I don't remember the exact words she used, but she said something like this:

"My daughters insist on using this pro-vitamin stuff, and I just don't understand it. Hair is dead cells, and there's nothing you can do to change them once they're out of your body. If you want your hair to be nice, make sure you have vitamins in your diet."

I can see how she would believe this IN THEORY. But then again, she had the flattest, dullest hair I have ever seen. Her two daughters, on the other hand, had simply gorgeous hair. Hmm.

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