Tuesday, June 19, 2001

Maine Recap

This is what I would've written in this diary if I'd had access to the internet while on vacation in Maine:

-In the supermarket, the beer is in an aisle marked "men's needs".

-I heard this girl at the mall say "OMG!" not "Oh my God!", just "OMG!" It made me want to puke.

-At Old Orchard Beach, you have to pay a quarter to get into the public restrooms. There's a turnstile and everything. And there's this guy who sits at a desk outside; presumably to make sure nobody jumps the turnstiles. That has to be one of the worst jobs in the world.

-In New Hampshire, there are state-run liquor stores - on the side of the highway. Like, there's one on each side, and they have their own exits. As if they were rest stops. What's wrong with this picture?

-Fireworks are illegal in Maine. There's even a sign on the highway when you drive over the border that says so. But you can buy sparklers almost anywhere. (Sparklers are considered fireworks where I'm from.) We asked a guy at a gift shop about this, and he said, "It's only things that go boom that are illegal." And I thought to myself, does that include guns?

-Remember the video for "Rush Rush"? Remember how cool it was, at the time, that Keanu Reeves was in it?

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