Wednesday, July 25, 2001


Today I ate at Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville Cafe. I had this shrimp/angel hair pasta/zuchinni/squash/marinara sauce thing that was pretty much my ideal meal at that particular point in time.

Brian wanted to try gator meat, well, I guess because we live in the bayou now. Rory told him it was like "shrimp flavored chicken". It is.

The thing that I really took away from the experience is this: The best part about being famous HAS TO BE creating a whole restaurant themed around you. You know, video footage of you on loop everywhere, your music playing, lyrics from your songs painted on the chairs. And even people who don't really know who you are will come and eat deep fried alligator.

Awwwww, yeah.

Saturday, July 21, 2001

the bastard

The band program at my High School was really huge - that includes marching band, which, believe it or not, was not uncool. (There were about 900 people in the school, and about 280 people in Marching Band my senior year.) So anyway, the band director used to always say a whole speech about each Senior before he gave them their Marching Band plaque at the Music Parents awards dinner every spring. I was first chair clarinet in the concert band for 4 years, I marched for 3 years, I was a vocalist in the marching band my senior year (an interesting but sadly misguided idea, having vocalists on a stage in front of the field), and I PUT UP WITH HIS CRAP. Like, being yelled at, over the loudspeaker system, in front of all 280 people (and the whole neighborhood) because I was singing with too much vibrato. Having to audition for the opening song and being rejected because I sing with my eyes closed. Being assigned the ballad, and being screamed at, again over the loudspeaker, "Make us cry! You're an actress!!!" Things like that. Not to mention the political bullshit that made me turn around and refuse to even try out for drum major. (Like losing the Assistant position because of a rumor. A RUMOR.)

So the Music Parents awards dinner comes around, and I think to myself, well, I've put up with a lot, but at least now I'll be appreciated. He'll say something about how valuable I've been to the band, what a good musician I am (1st chair for 4 years, remember), how I played clarinet in Full Orchestra, how I was an all-around cool chick.

Well, apparently, there were too many seniors for him to do a whole speech about everyone. Well, that's okay, I thought, I'm one of the special ones, I'll get at least a couple of sentences.

This is what he said:

"She was a vocalist this year."

Thursday, July 19, 2001


I just remembered this story, and a year and a half later, it still makes me laugh.

Two weeks after I started dating my fiance, I went home with him (to the Philly suburbs) for New Year's. A little while after midnight, we went to his friend's house, where some people he went to high school with were hanging out.

This one guy was talking about the school trip to Florida or something, and what a cool guy he is, or how much of a player he is, or something like that, and how everyone knows it.

ME: Yeah, I've heard about you all the way up on Long Island.

HIM: Really?

ME: No.

Tuesday, July 17, 2001

crazy college stories

Yesterday I realized that I don't have any crazy stories about my time at college. And I probably won't be acquiring any crazy stories this year, either. I am boring, and I am on the road to accepting this about myself.

Saturday, July 14, 2001

screaming at the TV and tick, tick...BOOM!

Yesterday, when I was watching Days of Our Lives, I yelled at the TV a lot. You should try it - it's fun.

Also yesterday, I found out that one of my favorite actors, Raul Esparza, is performing tick, tick...BOOM! (the one-man show that Jonatha Larson wrote and performed before he wrote Rent) off-Broadway. I am very excited by this.

Friday, July 13, 2001

French Quarter

I went to the French Quarter yesterday afternoon, with special attention to the French Market. It was basically like a flea market with a bunch of souvenir shops around it. The food market part was really cool, but it was too hot to be buying cherries and bringing them home on the ferry, you know? Although it wasn't as hot as usual, being that the sun wasn't out. We ended up rushing home to beat the thunderstorm that was looming all day. When the sky turned black and the lightning started, it seemed like a good time to go home.

I had a Coke in a glass bottle when I was there. You know what? It actually tastes better. Maybe someone who doesn't drink as much soda as I do wouldn't have noticed it. It was subtle. But definitely better.

Wednesday, July 11, 2001

media approval

I saw Scary Movie 2 the other day. It used some of the same jokes as the first one (and "Don't be a Menace to South Central While Drinking your Juice in the Hood") but it was reeally funny. We went to the 11:45am matinee, and the theater was almost empty, and I laugh really loudly. I guess it would've been somewhat embarassing if I cared. I never laugh at the same time as everyone else. Usually everyone else laughs at the jokes that were in the commercial - it's like, since these parts were on TV, they have been approved. You are allowed to laugh at these jokes. (I even heard one guy say, "This is the part from the commercial")

It's like the opening acts at the *NSync concert - the girl on Lance's label was really fantastic, but everyone cheered much more enthusiastically for Dream and BBMak, because they've been on MTV, and therefore, they have been approved. You are allowed to like them. I thought that Lance's girl was MUCH better than Dream.

Monday, July 9, 2001


It is hot. Hot hot hot hot hot.

They are raising the rent for my Philly apartment. It's already too high; now it will be $45 more than too high. They have raised it $135 in the past 3 years and all they've done is replace the rusty sink (after being bugged about it for a year and a half) and fix the ceiling that was falling down (after bugging them about it for 3 months and sending a piece of the plaster in with my rent check). They didn't even paint it before I moved in...they didn't even CLEAN it. I would move out except that I'm not going back to Philly until 7 days before my lease expires. So I guess I'm stuck there. Or here. Or something.

I just turned the air conditioner on. The thermometer only goes to 90, and the needle was well past 90. It's hot.

The only things that are on TV are golf and an old Nicholas Cage movie. And some thing about miracles or something.

I never notice how bored I am when I have cable.

Have you ever been to New Orleans in July? It's hot.

Thursday, July 5, 2001

New Orleans newscast

I watched the news last night. Two things struck me about the weather report. One: the prediction is "hot to very hot"; Two: last night was "mild & muggy, 80 degress". I guess things are different down here, but where I'm from, "mild" is about 75. And what exactly is "very hot"?? especially if 80 is "mild".

The other thing is that everyone in Lousiana is all pissed off about the drilling off the coast of Florida being limited. This one guy was like, "to the best of my knowledge, there has never yet been a major spill." WHAT KIND OF ARGUMENT IS THAT? Oh, and the best one. The governor of Lousiana said, as an argument FOR drilling, "That's where all the fish are." An argument FOR drilling.

Am I missing something?

(As it turns out, I was missing something. Apparently underwater oil rigs become the base for artificial reefs and provide a habitat for sea life. I still think they were stupid for not explaining the comment, though, because out of context it made no sense. And the "there has never yet been a major spill" argument still takes the cake for stupidity, IMO. - 3/19/07)

carrots and eye crusties

You know those little crusty things in the corner of your eyes when you wake up sometimes? When I was little, I used to think that they were little pieces of carrot; on the logic that carrots are supposed to be good for your eyes.

Monday, July 2, 2001


Hmmm I haven't been getting online much at all lately.

Last night we all went to Bourbon Street. It was, well, an experience. If you've ever been there, you know what I mean. All in all, it was fun.

God this is boring but I don't have any crazy observations tonight. I've just been watching movies. And I keep on forgetting to watch prime time TV b/c everything is an hour earlier here.

I got sunburned by the pool yesterday.

I haven't had any of that fabulous New Orleans food yet, except a turkey sandwich at this place on Bourbon Street. And you know what? It was f*cking awesome.