Monday, July 9, 2001


It is hot. Hot hot hot hot hot.

They are raising the rent for my Philly apartment. It's already too high; now it will be $45 more than too high. They have raised it $135 in the past 3 years and all they've done is replace the rusty sink (after being bugged about it for a year and a half) and fix the ceiling that was falling down (after bugging them about it for 3 months and sending a piece of the plaster in with my rent check). They didn't even paint it before I moved in...they didn't even CLEAN it. I would move out except that I'm not going back to Philly until 7 days before my lease expires. So I guess I'm stuck there. Or here. Or something.

I just turned the air conditioner on. The thermometer only goes to 90, and the needle was well past 90. It's hot.

The only things that are on TV are golf and an old Nicholas Cage movie. And some thing about miracles or something.

I never notice how bored I am when I have cable.

Have you ever been to New Orleans in July? It's hot.

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