Thursday, July 5, 2001

New Orleans newscast

I watched the news last night. Two things struck me about the weather report. One: the prediction is "hot to very hot"; Two: last night was "mild & muggy, 80 degress". I guess things are different down here, but where I'm from, "mild" is about 75. And what exactly is "very hot"?? especially if 80 is "mild".

The other thing is that everyone in Lousiana is all pissed off about the drilling off the coast of Florida being limited. This one guy was like, "to the best of my knowledge, there has never yet been a major spill." WHAT KIND OF ARGUMENT IS THAT? Oh, and the best one. The governor of Lousiana said, as an argument FOR drilling, "That's where all the fish are." An argument FOR drilling.

Am I missing something?

(As it turns out, I was missing something. Apparently underwater oil rigs become the base for artificial reefs and provide a habitat for sea life. I still think they were stupid for not explaining the comment, though, because out of context it made no sense. And the "there has never yet been a major spill" argument still takes the cake for stupidity, IMO. - 3/19/07)

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