Wednesday, August 15, 2001


It's flooding again.

Practically every day, it just starts raining out of nowhere and everything floods to a certain extent. It doesn't even start drizzling and slowly start raining harder. It just starts pouring out of nowhere.

And the thing I've noticed about all of the roads I've seen so far down here, is they don't have any kind of drainage system like we tend to have up know, storm drains on the side of the road, that drain away underground? And where I'm from, roads are higher in the middle and lower on the edges, so that the water drains away (to the storm drains). Down here the roads are flat.

People keep on saying that the streets flood because we're 20 feet below sea level. Well I say, the streets flood because nobody ever did anything to make it so they don't.

Yesterday when it started flooding, I saw I guy get into his car to move it to higher ground. The funny thing is, that in this apartment complex, the highest ground is next to the levee, and that's where he went.

Yeah, that's a really great place to put your car when it floods. Next to the levee.

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