Monday, August 27, 2001

spiffy toilet

I just spent God knows how long trying to change the toilet seat. Once I figured out how the old one was attached (which took about forever and a day) it was cake to detach it and install the new one. But it took a while for me to figure it out.

Sometimes I think it totally blows that I live in a majorly overpriced apartment, and yet I have to do things like buy and install a new toilet seat myself. I could've called my landlord and asked for one...but Geez, when the ceiling was falling down it took them months and months to come and fix it.

Oh yeah, and when they finally did, they dripped plaster and white paint all over EVERYTHING. It should take me about 3 or 4 hours to scrape it all off of the bathtub...oh yeah, and there's some on my favorite turtleneck sweater, too. (Which wasn't even in the bathroom.)

Isn't that a nice thing to come home to?

I would still be scraping and otherwise cleaning, but my back hurts. Here's a tip: if you're trying to unscrew a big ol' plastic bolt and it just keeps on turning and turning but you're not making any progress, try looking for the nut on the other side and holding it in place with pliers or something; don't just try to pry the mofo off with a hammer. And try to be observant enough to notice that there IS a nut w/out having to do an internet search for "toilet seat replacement".

On the upside, the toilet sure does look spiffy.

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