Thursday, August 16, 2001

when facials attack

This has been in the Weddings section of Martha Stewart Online for a while now, but I never REALLY read it until today:


Regular facials before your wedding are a good idea, but avoid them for ten days prior to the big event in case you have a bad reaction.

I always thought that a facial was something you either made an appointment for and received, or not. I didn't know they were something you have to *avoid*.

[Bride walks in with big red splotches on her face.]

BRIDESMAID: Honey! What happened?

BRIDE: I had a bad reaction to a facial.

BRIDESMAID: You're not supposed to have a facial right before your wedding!

BRIDE: I know! I tried to avoid them, but there were just too many. One of them knocked me down and had its way with me in an alley off of Main Street.

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