Sunday, September 2, 2001

i want my mtv

My muscles are killing me. Ah, yes, this is what it feels like to be a musical theater major.

I'm watching MTV, and I'm seeing the video for "Short Skirt/Long Jacket" by Cake for the first time, and it is soooooo cool. I mean, I totally adore the song, and for the video, they just kind of went up to random people on the street and had them listen to the song on headphones and videotaped their reactions. People either hate it or love it. A bunch of them are dancing like idiots in the middle of the street. I cannot express how cool it is.

I also saw the video for "Weapon of Choice" again...I still love it.

I guess in order to actually see videos on MTV, you have to watch pretty late. I mean, some of the shows they have are pretty cool...but wouldn't you expect MTV to be MUSIC TELEVISION, and MTV2 to be shows and such? How much does it suck that in order to get 24-hour music videos, you have to pay more, b/c MTV2 isn't on basic cable? I think that's pretty dumb.

Remember when VH1 was totally uncool? I love VH1 b/c their shows have to do with MUSIC. They were having a "below the belt" marathon on today (it's a kind of documentary show about sexuality in rock & roll) and one of the people they interviewed in a lot of the episodes is one of my professors. On TV, she seems so calm and knowledgable. In real life, she's on speed.

Hip hip videos...they still make videos like this? Girls in bikinis with bouncing boobies, guys being "tough"? Geez.

thus commences today's train-of-thought entry.

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