Sunday, September 2, 2001

it's 3am (i must be lonely)


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At least I didn't rate "Very High" in anything.

My answers might have been affected by the fact that it's (almost) 3am - I must be lonely - and I am quite the tired Kerry. I just can't muster up the energy to fold up and put away all the laundry on my bed and it's just easier to stay on the internet in the other room. My fingers feel funny.

I must be lonelyyyyyyy hey well she says baaaaabyyyyyyyy yeea-uh well I can't help but be scared of it aaaaaaaaall sometimes....

I am writing this in Notepad b/c "sorry, we're just doing some fixing to the site right this second, so certain users can't add entries. it'll be back very soon!"

The funny thing about this disorders test, is that a while back (like a year ago, at least), I thought that an internet quiz that told you what's wrong with you psychologically would be really awesome, and I was going to write to and suggest it...I don't remember if I ever did. At any rate, The Spark has the best quizzes, and this one was kind of interesting and I think I'll go to bed now.

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