Monday, September 3, 2001

see, obsessive

Today I went through my collection of bridal magazines, ripping out the pages that I liked and filing them away, so that I could throw away the magazines themselves. And with good you know how many of those things I actually had? 31. (And I have more in New Orleans, 2 or 3 I think.)

Keep in mind that I still have a year and almost 4 months to go until the wedding. (Then again, I've already been engaged for almost 10 months...and I've been buying the magazines for longer than that, I admit it.)

I was going to save all of them so that by the time the wedding came, I could get my picture taken standing next to the stack of magazines that was taller than me. Then I realized that the stack would probably fall over and kill me. So instead I'm just saving the covers from all of them. Don't ask me why...I guess to prove what a crazy magazine addict I am. I am the queen of wedding magazines!!! hahahahahaha!

(I think I still have all of those covers filed away somewhere. - 3/19/07)

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