Friday, September 21, 2001

Suzy Stars-and-Stripes' pet peeves

I would like to touch on two very different topics in today's entry.

First, as a self declared "Suzy Stars-and-Stripes" (I stayed up last night printing out stickers and magnets of the ribbon I have on the right, to hand out to people today...just because), I am troubled that people are hanging the American flag BACKWARDS. The blue field ALWAYS goes in the upper LEFT-hand corner - even when it's vertical. Which means that it isn't enough to rotate it, you have to flip it over, too.

Second: if you have very wide hips, you shouldn't wear very low-waisted jeans. I'm not being judgemental or sizist or anything; I just think that there's such a thing as dressing to your own best advantage. Dress to hide your flaws, not accentuate them. Duh.

Also, if you're a guy (and I don't care how gay you are), you shouldn't wear lace-up jeans or other such womanly clothing on a day-to-day basis. When you're dressing up to go to a club or whatever, fine. But for a regular just looks silly (to me, at least).

That is all.

(Here are two exceptions to the flag rule: and - however, this is not what I was referring to in this entry; I was talking about people hanging a one-sided flag vertically, backwards because it is one-sided. For more information, and a neat list of famous people - including the president - violating the flag code, go to - 3/20/07)

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