Saturday, October 27, 2001

stinky tree

Here are some things that I DON'T love about autumn:

1. Days when the temperature changes by 30 or 40 degrees overnight.
2. Days when it is so windy that my scarf won't even stay wrapped around my neck.
3. Ass-fruits.

Allow me to explain. The things that I call "ass-fruits" are actually called gingkos or something like that. I got the name from Lucas, who called them "ass-berries", but they look like little citrus fruits so I changed the name.

They grow on trees with pretty fan-shaped leaves and really nice blossoms in the spring...but the fruits. My GOD, the fruits.

For a full month or two every autumn, the fruits cover the sidewalk and road underneath the tree (there are three of them on my block). And these fruits...STINK. Heaven forbid you should accidentally step on one; your shoes will stink for days.

It's difficult to enjoy a nice, breezy autumn day when you're hopping around, playing ass-fruit hopscotch.

And it's even worse when the temperature just dropped 30 degrees overnight.

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