Saturday, November 17, 2001

ah, the drama

I just tried to put away a carton of orange juice by putting it in the cabinet.

I am tired.

Too bad my neighbor decided to have a party tonight.

Too bad I had to call my landlord and let him know.

People, people...I know that it's Friday night and all...but when I signed my lease, I agreed to be quiet between 10:30pm and 8:00am, as did he when he signed HIS lease.

I've asked nicely. It didn't work. So I started calling to complain.

One day my landlord called me and told me that he had given this guy a warning, and if he got any more comlaints, the guy would be evicted. (Apparently, I'm not the only one who complained. I'm the only one who's able to hear the loud music, since he's right below me, but EVERYONE can hear what goes on in the courtyard.)

That following weekend was the time when I yelled out the window, asking him and the really loud girl who comes over a lot to be quiet, because they were keeping people awake. (This was on a Saturday night.)

He yelled back, in an exceedingly rude tone of voice, "Why? You don't have to work tomorrow."


There are people who live in this building who work at hospitals. There's a policeman who lives in this building. I DO happen to work on Sunday mornings sometimes, at church. And I was planning on waking up the next day to go to church.

It just seemed really rude to me.

My landlord's voicemail got 3 or 4 calls from me that night, between 12 and 4am.

Mind you, my landlord had just CALLED ME 8 days earlier, to tell me that this guy would be evicted if anyone else complained.

So I was pretty sure that he'd get evicted. I was all excited...

This was in September. The early morning hours of the 16th, to be exact.

Well, he's still here, so either my messages haven't been reaching my landlord, or he lied to me.

I'm still trying to get him evicted, though.

The fact that he's the only downstairs neighbor I've ever had who I've actually SEEN, because he's in my math class, means nothing to me. You might think that having some idea of who he is would make me less likely to want him thrown out on his ass, but I honestly don't give a rat's ass. I don't care. It doesn't even matter to me that he is one of four whole people in the class (out of about 30) who know what the hell is going on. Get him the hell out of here. He is by far the worst neighbor I've ever had.


Thank you for listening.

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