Saturday, November 3, 2001

cherry coke

I've been trying to cut back on my caffeine intake. When I finished my last bottle of soda, I didn't buy another one. I bought a can of soda on my way home from my voice lesson today, to have with my lunch, and figured that that would be enough.


9:30pm rolls around, and all I can think of is soda. Soda! SODA! SODA!! So I put on my sneakers, grab two quarters, go around the corner and buy a can of Cherry Coke from the machine in front of Food Rite.

I've been known to say that the only good thing about Food Rite is that they sell uncooked shrimp. I take that back. I also enjoy that their soda machine only costs 50 cents - and it has Cherry Coke and Root Beer! Not many soda machines can claim that!

So anyway, I later realized that I drank a can of Cherry Coke at 9:30pm, so I probably won't be going to bed early tonight.

Are there any 12-step programs for caffeine?

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