Sunday, November 18, 2001

chicken soup

I just made a quick run to Food Rite because I was craving chicken soup. It was an unusually eventful, if quick, trip.

First of all, Campbell's condensed chicken noodle soup was 79¢ a can. Granted, chicken noodle isn't my favorite variety of condensed soup (chicken & stars is), but hey, for half the regular price, how could I argue? I got 3 cans.

2-Liter bottles of Pepsi were 99¢ so I picked one up.

I almost got shrimp because they seemed to be of a nice large size & good quality, but the price was on the high side so I passed on that.

Tyson chicken breast was 1.99 per pound, so I got two packages.

I also got the Progresso Chicken Vegetable that I've been craving, and a bag of cranberries for 99¢ to make a garland & decorate my christmas tree with. (It's getting to be that time!)

And then evil pigeon lady checked me out (checked out my groceries, I mean - she works there, remember) and SHE WAS NICE TO ME!!!! Weird.

So now I'm eating my soup and listening to Children of Eden - which happens so be my favorite musical. I've had this CD for about 3 years and I just adore singing along. Imagine my delight when my voice teacher pulled out "The Spark of Creation" a couple of weeks ago and suggested that we should work on it. I couldn't be more thrilled. =)

Hey, it's me in a good mood! How about that!

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