Saturday, December 1, 2001

close call

"So, Kerry," I can hear you all saying, "How did the auditions go?"

They went okay. My singing audition could've been (a LOT) better, but the monologues and the dancing went pretty well.

I had a bit of a crisis today when the callback lists went up and my name was entirely absent...AGAIN.

I was settling into a nice downward-spiral of self-loathing (I even bought myself some Taco Bell - there's nothing like a Baja chicken taco for comfort food), when the choreographer called me to say that I WAS, in fact, called back; my name had been left off of the list entirely by accident.

So even though I wasn't called back for any actual roles, and I wasn't called back for the Sondheim review that I really wanted to be in, I WAS called back for the ensemble of Sweet Charity. The dancing ensemble. The "Hey, Big Spender" ensemble.

I am happy. Whether I get in or not, I was called back to be a dancer. I've always wanted to be a dancer. =)

It's good that it turned out to be an oversight; I was about ready to crush some heads.

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