Tuesday, November 20, 2001

collegiate theater

Today I realized that I was a week ahead of myself.

I thought that the master class I had to go to was tonight; I thought that auditions for next semester's shows were tonight, tomorrow and Wednesday. I was wrong. They're all next week.

I will be uncharacteristically prepared for auditions this semester. Just as well; it's their last chance to realize the talent that is gurgling inside of me and put it to good use.

But Sweet Charity rehearses on Good Friday and Holy Saturday (they referred to it as Easter Saturday....um, what? Holy Saturday! Right?) ... so anyways I don't really want to deal with that. I don't even go to CLASS on Good Friday.

Not that I'm likely to get cast anyway. I'm not a dancer and the senior class has been basically ass-f*cked as far as casting the entire time we've been here.

Except for the favorites, of course.

Don't get me wrong, they're incredibly talented people and would deserve every role they've gotten...if it weren't for the fact that this is an educational institution, and the productions are allegedly an integral part of the training.

Which raises an interesting question about collegiate theater, in the context of a conservatory training program.

It is perfectly understandable and acceptable, in my opinion, in a "traditional" university, to cast the same people over and over again on the grounds that they are "the best" (or at the very least, the favorites) on the logic that it would make the best show.

But when the productions are allegedly part of the training that ALL of the students are PAYING to receive, then what is more important? Putting on the best show possible, or giving as many students as possible the opportunity to LEARN?

Which is not to say that the people who don't ever get cast wouldn't make for a fabulous show, too. That's what makes it so frustratingly bizarre; amazingly talented people are passed over for utterly unknown reasons. I can't even truthfully say that it all has to do with politics.

It's like they choose from the very beginning of freshman year who's going to get all the good parts, and they stick to that.

And these people are usually incredibly talented, deserving, lovely, kind people...usually the least back-stabbing, most honest people around. So I don't blame them.

I blame the people in charge.

Well they have one more chance to redeem themselves in my eyes.

I hope they don't blow it. Not for my sake, but for the sake of collegiate-theater-in-the-context-of-a-conservatory-training-program everywhere.

I honestly meant for this to be a really short entry.

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