Wednesday, November 28, 2001

i hate stress

I just wanted to let you all know that I haven't contracted anthrax or anything; I just haven't been on the computer much lately.

Tonight I had the dance audition for next semester's show (Sweet Charity), and there was this whole big drama about whether I would make it on time. See, the first group was at 6. On Tuesday nights I go to choir rehearsal out in the suburbs, and the van for us city dwellers leaves at 6.

Now rehearsal usually ends at or around 9:30 and we're back to the city by 10 or 10:15. The last audition slot was at 10:30, so I figured, cool, I'll make it with just enough time to stretch out and warm up, even if rehearsal runs a little late.

WELL, today rehearsal ran later than it ever has, as far as I can remember. A WHOLE HALF HOUR LATE. I was literally SHAKING, I was so pissed off. Have you ever been so mad, that you cried? It's not fun.

So we don't even leave until 10:08...and it takes about a half an hour to get back.

Luckily, we made remarkably good time. We didn't run into any traffic...until we were 2 blocks away from where the audition was (where I was going to be dropped off)...traffic was practically at a standstill. It was 10:28 by this point.

SO I jumped out of the van and RAN MY ASS OFF for the last 2 blocks.

Mind you, I have exercise-induced athsma. I made sure I had my inhaler in my hand before I leaped out of the van.

So I get to the building, ignore the security desk (I'm pretty sure I was supposed to sign in) run up the stairs to the second floor...and find that they were running 10 minutes behind schedule.


All this for a show I know I won't get into anyway. I'm just auditioning because it's required.

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