Thursday, November 8, 2001


I haven't been writing lately, because I haven't been going online at night, in an attempt to get more sleep.

Of course it's pointless.

The day after I finished my website and got it up (it might still be up but I haven't touched it in years - 3/29/07), I intended to go to bed, 11:30. As I was getting ready for bed, a couple of lines of dialogue popped into my head, for the play I've been trying to write since May. I keep on writing it and rewriting it and I'm never happy with what I come up with. Now these two lines of dialogue were really good. So I grabbed a notebook and a pen and I wrote them down.

Three hours later, it's 2am and the whole second half of the play is written.

The next night, I sat down at around 10:30 to type out what I'd written. 3am rolls around and the whole first draft is done.

Inspiration doesn't strike me; it smashes me with a sledgehammer.

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