Tuesday, November 13, 2001

new jersey

Teacher: "Who knows how many feet are in a mile? ... I don't know."
Lou: "5,280."
Nia: "How did you that? Who knows that off the top of their head?"
Lou: "It's just something I had to memorize."
Me: "Why?"
Lou: "In high school."
Me: "Well no wonder people from New Jersey don't have any practical knowledge."
Lou: "I hate you."

Lou doesn't really hate me. He's my best non-fiance friend in the whole wide world.

And I didn't mean to say that people from New Jersey are stupid or anything. But most people I know who were educated in New Jersey have gaps in their knowledge.

For example, Portugal is not a city in Brazil.

Mostly it's just that people from Long Island hate New Jersey. It's part of our heritage.

Or maybe it was just the people in my senior year social studies class. Alex and Ross used to call New Jersey "the armpit of the country".

Keep in mind that I'm marrying someone who grew up in South Jersey. Which is really a lot like Long Island in a lot of ways.

I have just made myself look really, reeeeeally bad, and any of my readers who are from New Jersey just vowed never to read me again.

Oh well, I'll just get some new ones from google. BARELY LEGAL FAKE BOOBS BRITNEY SPEARS.

Ahem. That is all.

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