Thursday, December 20, 2001

oh just shoot me

I am taking a brief break from cleaning. My apartment still looks like ass (except for my kitchen - which, I must say, is probably the cleanest it's been since it was built). Brian will be here in less than 11 hours (WOOOOOO!)...which means that I have to leave in less than 10 hours to go meet him at the airport...and he is not a fan of messy-ass apartments. Which means I may not be sleeping tonight. I am the very definition of "procrastinator"! But anyway I had to take a break to go look at the R1 schedule (the R1 is the train that goes to the airport) ... so naturally I decided to update my diary first. Why wouldn't I?

So this afternoon, I thought I smelled gas leaking from my stove. I opened the windows, went out for a few minutes, came back, and didn't smell it anymore. So I figured hey, I'm cool. I was imagining it.

So then at about 9pm I decide I'm going to start making Christmas presents...which for me means baking cookies and making multiple batches of rice pudding. So I turn on the oven so it will preheat to 300 degrees, and set about mixing ingredients. When I have the milk, butter, sugar and rice all nice and mixed in a casserole dish, I open the oven.

And I am greeted by cold air. Cold air and the smell of gas.

Which means that my oven is broken and needs to be fixed. It also means that I have 4 cups of milk sitting in a casserole dish in my fridge.

And to top it all off, if my oven is not fixed in time, not only will I have sour milk and wasted sugar, but I will also have no presents for Brian's family. Nor will I be able to cook the lovely turkey cutlets I bought. Grr.

I called maintenance and left a message, but OF COURSE they won't come until AT LEAST tomorrow...probably when I'm away at the airport. Great.

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