Friday, January 18, 2002

On Tolkien and Wild Oats

Okay, I'm back, I PROMISE!! I've been such a slacker lately.

Just to prove that I'm back for good, I am going to follow my own rules. It's 3am and I'm online, so I must quote Matchbox 20: "The rain's gonna wash away, I believe this."

My only excuse for not having written is that, after seeing The Fellowship of the Ring, I went out and borrowed a copy of The Hobbit and then proceeded to buy the Lord of the Rings trilogy, which I have been reading at an alarming pace. The first night that I sat down with it, I read 120 pages. I'm just ADORING it.

Okay, so I'm a nerd! I admit it! But what does it matter anyway? It's not like I'm in high school anymore.

I must say though...the other day when my Mom was driving me back down to Philly, there was this huge flock of black birds flying around over the highway, and I was like, "AAAAAAAAHHH!!! I can't let them see me! They know where I am!" (although I didn't say it out loud) ... and then I was like, "Wait, a minute, I'm not Frodo." But I still felt a little freaked out. It's just really engaging. (That was more a result of the movie than the books, anyway.)

Oh and by the way, anyone who thinks that there are too many interruptions to the story has clearly never read any 19th century novels. Les Misérables contains, among other things, an essay about sewers. Sewers. How it is a waste of fertilizer not to direct the flow of the sewers into the farmlands. I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP.

Well anyway. Now that I sound like a complete and utter DORKASAURUS, I will tell you about yesterday afternoon. I was on my way to The Coffee Beanery to get a white chocolate mocha (because...well...I deserved it!) when I ran into Lou (remember Lou? My best non-fiancé friend). We went and got coffee together, then went to Borders (where I wanted sooooo badly to buy a beautiful leather-bound edition of The Hobbit...but I didn't). This is a conversation we had:

LOU: Ooh! Cute guy!
ME: I thought you said you have a boyfriend.
LOU: Yeah, but, we're not really boyfriends, we're just...
ME & LOU TOGETHER: Seeing each other.
LOU: Yeah. I kind of want to, you know, sow my wild oats, and have a real person on the side.
ME: (laughs hysterically)

I don't even know where to begin on that one.

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