Wednesday, March 21, 2007

moral of the story: don't put off buying cool stuff.

Yesterday at the Comissary, they had pizzelles. Brian and I were just talking about them the other day, but I haven't had a pizzelle in YEARS so of course I bought some. It occurred to me, as I was munching on the sweet, crumbly, almond-flavored goodness, that when I read The Lord of the Rings, when they talk about lembas (the delicious, quasi-magical waybread of the Elves), I think of pizzelles. I don't think that lembas had .5 grams of trans-fat per piece, though. These pizzelles do. I have to get a pizzelle maker and make my own.

They used to make a waffle iron with interchangeable plates for waffles, panini and pizzelles, but I don't think they make it anymore because I can't find it. I wanted to register for it when I got married - I honestly can't remember why I didn't. I really wish I had, though, because have you ever looked at the ingredients in frozen waffles? I'd really feel a lot better if I made and froze my own.

(ps, as soon as I posted this, I found it somewhere. I may just have to order it.)

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