Thursday, April 12, 2007

dream house

When I was a kid (we're talking, like, eight years old), my "dream house" had all kinds of outlandish features, including a white marble sunken bath tub with jacuzzi jets, a cherry orchard in the backyard, a spiral staircase, and a stream that ran throughout the house, culminating in a waterfall in the foyer.

Now, there are three things that I dream of when it comes to my future home: buffer space between me and my neighbors (in particular, not sharing a wall with anyone); a mailbox on the premises that I don't have to walk across the street, around the block or through the lobby to check; and color - walls that aren't white or off-white, and carpets and tile floors that aren't beige or taupe.

I still want lots of colorful flowers out front, and some flowering trees would be nice, but it looks like Brandon might be allergic to cherries, so I guess the cherry trees are out. Maybe a lilac tree or two, instead.

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Mother Hoodwink said...

I've always wanted a spiral staircase, too. I have also forever wanted a peach orchard. My uncle had one and I fell in love with it. It had cobblestone pathways between all the trees.

Oh, and not sharing walls with neighbors is awesome. It would be better if they were at least fifty feet away though.

I am so with you on the white and beige. I need some freaking color.