Sunday, April 29, 2007

he loves the frog

Anyone who says something like, "oh, I LOVE that movie...I must have seen it at least a dozen times!" - as if a dozen is a lot of times to see the same movie - has obviously never had a toddler. I've watched The Muppet Movie at least a dozen times in the last two weeks. There are Muppets dancing through my dreams. I'd like to be able to say that the reason why Brandon knows the sign for "rainbow" is because we live in Hawaii, and it's the rainy season, and rainbows are therefore abundant. Nope. It's because he watches The Muppet Movie EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Brandon was just sitting on my lap at the computer, "helping" me to put together the video montage for his website that I've been working on (or putting off working on) for months now. He saw the "The Muppet Show: Music, Mayhem and More!" CD sitting in front of the computer, grabbed it, and said "wa diss". In other words, "watch this!" (He doesn't understand that it's an audio CD and not a DVD. He just sees the Muppets and thinks: Kermit! TV! Now!) But it figures that one of his first semi-coherent sentences would be a request to watch the Muppet Movie. After all, his first steps were towards his Baby Einstein DVD's.

I really wanted to raise him with less TV than I grew up with. Maybe that was too much to expect of myself.


Mother Hoodwink said...

I read your title and thought, "Oh no. A frog is stealing her child too."

How freaking awesome that he's putting words together. I'm not sure if that's even what he's supposed to be doing at is age or if he's advanced. The fact that he's talking at all is amazing to me since Boomba is only six months younger than Brandon and is still not saying much. But I guess with babies, a couple of months might as well be a year.

I remember pre-baby I always said, no more than 30 minutes a day of tv. Ha. I was so naive. Although some days we don't even turn the tv on so I guess it evens out.

Oh, and finally making something to follow up "The Greatest Trailer Eva!!" I can't wait.

Kerry said...

Oh, believe me, he hardly ever says actual words. That's why it stood out so much. He says "Dada" a lot, and "Mama" sometimes, (although I think he was calling me "dada" this morning). He was saying "duh" for dog yesterday.

I don't know if he was actually putting the words together, or if to him "watchthis" is one word. We're always saying "do you want to watch this?" just like we say "Do you want to eat?" or "Do you want to sleep?" He's never said "watch" or "this" before so I'm guessing he thinks it's one word.

If you have days when the TV doesn't get turned on, they you're waaaay ahead of us.