Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Mrs. Other Tucker

Last night we tried to watch Snakes on a Plane. I say tried, because it was just too awful and we turned it off. But, man, it was HILARIOUSLY ridiculous!

Since we did turn it off, I don't know if this was ever addressed, but...there are no snakes in Hawaii. And all agricultural products are inspected before they get on a plane in Hawaii. (The snakes were hidden in a case of orchid leis.) So I don't know where those snakes came from or how they got them onto the plane. I guess the mafia can do anything.

When we turned off Snakes on a Plane, we put on John Tucker Must Die instead. I didn't know why Brian had even put it on our Netflix list. Neither did he. We both thought it was going to be incredibly stupid. But guess what - it was good! (Grain of salt alert: I own Bring it On.) I laughed my ass off, seriously. It was actually pretty clever!

Brian pointed out that the archetypes for the main characters (excluding the ex-girlfriends) were Sandy from Grease, Zack from Saved by the Bell, and...well, John Mayer. Because the dude looked like John Mayer. Seriously.

It got me thinking: how many girls would actually go for the Zack Morris (John Tucker) rather than the John Mayer (the "Other Tucker")? I'd like to think that most women aren't that shallow and...well, stupid. But maybe I'm wrong. As for me, I can honestly say that I never dated a Zack Morris or a John Tucker. As a matter of fact, I married a blues guitar player, so that pretty much says it all. Yup, it's a John Mayer / "other Tucker" for me.


Tara said...

Um, yeah. I married a clarinetist. Can I count that as a John Mayer?

Kerry said...

For the sake of this comparison...sure. Why not.