Thursday, April 19, 2007

what's the world coming to?

They're trying to change FDA regulations as to what can legally be called "chocolate".
I have eaten "chocolate flavored coating" and things like that...the kind of stuff that they're proposing would be now called chocolate...and the stuff sucks. It's honestly terrible. It's easy to check labels and make sure that they say "chocolate" and not "chocolate-flavored" or "chocolatey" - but I certainly don't want to have to read the BACK of the label of my candy bar just to make sure that it has actual cocoa butter in it. Sheesh.


Mother Hoodwink said...

No no. Hopefully Hershey's won't be a part of this. Have you ever had a Cadbury chocolate bar? OH. MY. GOD. So good! If you haven't had one, you must now. Today. I have to limit myself from getting one to only once every other month. I can eat the whole bar in one day. (They're kind of big.) My favorites are the almond and the almond and raisin ones. I have to stop talking about this.

Kerry said...

Mmmmmm, they are DELICIOUS. I'm on day 3 of a 7-day detox diet, so no chocolate for me until next week. But yum! Now I want a Cadbury bar!

The problem is that this fake chocolate costs about 1/3 of what real chocolate costs to make. But of course they're not going to be passing the savings on to the consumer. They'll just charge us more for real chocolate. Jerks.

Mama Zen said...

Is nothing sacred anymore?