Friday, May 25, 2007

I think too much about Muppets

Muppet Babies. WTF is up with them? Where are their parents? What exactly is going on there? The easy answer is that Nanny was a daycare provider. But I distinctly remember at least one episode where they were going to sleep at night. Was this some kind of interspecies puppet orphanage or something?

And what's up with Skeeter? What exactly happened to her when they grew up? Did she die of some horrible childhood disease? Did Scooter disown her when she turned out to be a lesbian? WTF??? How are you going to add new characters to a prequel??


Mother Hoodwink said...

I am convinced that I saw Nanny's face, or at least the side of her head, in an episode. I remember her reaching down and we saw that she had shoulder length blonde hair and glasses. Josh refuses to believe me. Did I make this up as a child so I could put a face to Nanny or did this really happen?

Kerry said...

At first I didn't remember ever having seen Nanny's face...but now that I think about, you might be right. Something about that sounds familiar to me.