Friday, May 11, 2007

it DOES live up to the hype

Brandon woke up from his nap in a pretty rotten mood. I don't think he was ready to wake up, but apparently he rolled over and got his foot stuck between the crib slats. Few things make him more upset and scared than when his foot gets stuck.

Luckily, my Ergo carrier arrived in the mail on Monday (I ordered it Tuesday night of last week - gotta love quick shipping!). I've used it a few times in the back carry position, and it amazes me how comfortable it is. I can barely tell that I'm holding him at all.

When he woke up, though, he was cranky and cuddly and I thought that maybe the front carry might be a good idea. Yes, that's right, the front carry position with a 27-pound 17-month-old. Try doing that in a Bjorn. (You can't!)

I put him in the carrier (MUCH easier on the front than on the back, btw - we're still getting the hang of it), walked to check the mail, then sat on my big pink exercise ball and bounced. Basically, I did exactly what I used to do with him in the wrap carrier when he was tiny. (The wrap carrier, btw, was great when he was small.) The happiest, most peaceful look spread across his face and he rested his head on my shoulder.

After about five minutes, he happily and calmly requested to be let down. Overall, a MUCH more pleasant experience than the usual 30 minutes of whining (often leading to a full-blown tantrum) that often occurs when he wakes up before he's ready.

Thank you, Ergo.

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