Sunday, June 17, 2007


Human beings have a tendency to expect that when we leave something, or someone, it will stay exactly the same until we come back to it - even if we don't ever intend to come back. Like we expect it to stay in some kind of suspended animation. Like it couldn't possibly exist without us there. And no matter how much you may hate it when someone else thinks of you that way, you find yourself doing it, too. Like, how dare life go on without me?

It's so absurd.

On a lighter note...I went to Target today. I miss Target so, so much. There are no words. (There are no Targets in Hawaii.) I was literally pushing the stroller down the aisle, singing "I loooove Target, I love Taaaaaarget!" and doing bell kicks. Then I went to Ikea. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Ikea is like Candyland. Candyland, I say!!


Tara said...

I feel the same way. Like what business do my nieces and nephews have growing up without me around?

Sunshine said...

No Target????
I'm feeling faint.
It IS the Mothership, after all.

Kerry said...

Ohhhh, Sunshine, you have no idea. The first Target we drove past in New Jersey, I yelled "TARGET!!" and threw my arms up in the air like I was going to give the sign a big hug. I honestly had tears in my eyes.
I'm such a dork.