Monday, July 9, 2007


"Rock-a-bye Your Bear" is stuck in my head. I haven't even watched The Wiggles with Brandon in...I don't know, days. Weeks, maybe. It's been a while. And "Rock-a-bye Your Bear" is stuck in my head. I'm not happy about this.


Tara said...

Be lucky Brandon doesn't watch Blue's Clues because the music on that show seriously sucks and is crazy catchy. Unless he does watch it and you have already banged your head against the wall trying to get that stupid mail song out of your head. Oh and FYI, The Backyardigans has unusually good music for being a kid's show.

Kerry said...

We mostly stick with Disney Channel, although we have watched Blues Clues a few times. It IS crazy catchy. Heeeere's the mail it never fails it makes me wanna wag my tail when it comes I wanna wail MAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIL!!!

We haven't watched the Backyardigans more than maybe once, many many months ago. It's gotta be better than Higglytown Heroes. Good Lord.

I kind of like the songs on Johnny and the Sprites.