Tuesday, July 24, 2007

in which I bore you to tears

I haven't written for 10 days. I apologize. I have a ton of projects going on that have been taking all of my creative energy. Bulleted list time!
  • We are slowly redecorating the living room, piece by piece. First up was hanging the TV on the wall. Next we have to hang the shelf beneath it for the DVD player and speakers. I also have to hang the new curtains, make new pillows, knit a new throw, hang some pictures...etc...etc...etc...
  • I have actually been putting some work into the "Brandon's First Year" video montage for his website that I have been neglecting for...oh, almost eight months now. If you ask nicely, and if I know who you are, maybe I will give you the password for his site. (I am VERY protective of my little boy's presence on the internet.) Oh who am I kidding. The only people who really read this are my mom and Tara, and you both already have the password anyway.
  • We bought an aquarium. It has a cool rock and a (fake) tree stump and two real plants - it looks awesome. We got some cheapie feeder fish for it yesterday to make sure it's a hospitable environment. We're getting some neon tetras today. We'll get some more fish on Thursday. Maybe some guppies and a fantail goldfish (we call them "darps" because they look like they're saying "darp darp darp" - we're silly). Or maybe some mollies or danios or something. We'll see.
  • Brian is building a guitar. He is buying the parts and putting it together. The body he got for it is stunningly beautiful. Really. I have been helping him look at pictures and pick things out. I know very little about guitars, but I have a decent aesthetic sense. At some point after he finishes his, he is going to build one for me. So I've been looking at parts for mine, too. I'm trying to decide between a stratocaster-style body (because it would be easier to play and to find parts for, and I could get it made in any wood I want) or a jaguar/jazzmaster-style body (because it looks so darn cool - the pickguard I want doesn't come in a jazzmaster shape, though).
    Stratocaster-shaped body:

    Jazzmaster-shaped body (I wouldn't get it in a solid color, but it's easier to see the shape):

    Abalone (paua shell) pickguard (only comes in strat, tele, and Les Paul shapes, this is for a strat):

    Opinions? Anyone? I have LOT of time to decide.
  • I am probably going to set up a blog for Brian to detail his guitar-assembling adventures. More web design! Yay!
  • I'm planning out my Christmas gift projects. Every year I want to make everyone's gifts (mostly by knitting), but I don't think of it until September or even October, by which point it's just way too late to get it all done. So I'm looking through patterns and yarns and planning stuff out. I have some good ideas.
  • I'm trying to figure out how to spend less on groceries. I am spending twice as much on groceries as I did 3 years ago. Then again, many of the things I'm buying (like chicken breast) cost twice as much as they did 3 years ago. (Of course, 3 years ago I lived in New Orleans and now I live in Hawaii; I'm sure that has a lot to do with it.) I don't know if this is really a "project" per se, but it's taking up a lot of my mental energy.
Bored yet? Okay, good. My job here is done.

Update: rear-routed jazzmaster body and abalone pickup rings. Eureka!! I'm gonna have the coolest looking guitar ever. Maybe I should learn how to play. - 7/24/07


Mother Hoodwink said...

So glad you'll be finishing the montage. His trailer is probably the best trailer for anything that I've ever seen. I'm only up to month two for Gav's. It's been that way for the last few months. His first year scrapbook is even worse. I've only gotten so far as to make the title page, the ultrasound and pregnancy pages. I'm way behind.

I'm jealous of your aquarium. I've always wanted one with lots of different fish. I only ever got a beta (that I named Alpha. Ha, get it? I was/am a dork.) in a lonely little tank.

Oh and guitar making is cool. Can't wait to see the finished product.

Kerry said...

That is an AWESOME name for a betta. I had one named Nazgul. (I'm a bigger dork than you. Or a different kind of dork.) The new color scheme for the living room is actually based off of Nazgul.

And Brandon's scrapbook is a mess. I should have put that on the list, too. I have the background papers picked out and in the book, with a bunch of photos and embellishments, etc, just thrown in the pages. It's a travesty.