Monday, July 2, 2007

Saturday night's alright for...something

On Sunday mornings, I go to a 7am yoga class. It is the only 2 hours a week that I do something for myself, by myself. And it keeps me sane. I haven't gone for the last 3 weeks (due to travel and such) and I'm pretty much falling apart as a result. So of course I was really, really looking forward to going today.

The thing about waking up for a 7am yoga class on Sunday mornings, is that Saturday nights are always Brandon's worst nights. Always. He got really messed up with the travel (what with the SIX hour time difference) but he was finally starting to do better. Slept through the night on Friday. I was a happy fun mommy yesterday as a result.

But last night?

He woke up around 2:30. I went in and tried to nurse him back to sleep. The little bugger was wide awake, eyes wide open staring straight ahead, latched on but not actually nursing. So I decided to lay down with him on the folding foam mattress we keep stored under his crib for just such occasions. (Actually it's mostly so that if he needs me in the room while he's falling asleep in his crib, I don't have to fall asleep on the floor.) After about 20 minutes he was almost asleep. Then he popped up, walked away and went for his toys.

That was a big no from me; I picked him up and put him in his crib. I went and got him some milk. I left the room. (Sometimes if I leave the room he'll calm down within a minute or two. If he doesn't, I go back in and try again.)

Around 3:30, I put a movie on my iPod and gave it to him. He quieted right down and I left the room. Of course now, I had spent the past hour getting more and more upset, so I was wide the f*ck awake, too. All I wanted was to listen to my Peaceful Sleep Now self-hypnosis session...but it was on my iPod.

I spent the next 40 minutes peeing every 10 minutes like clockwork. When I FINALLY drifted off to sleep...Brandon started screaming again. He wanted to watch something else. I changed the movie and went back to bed. 20 minutes later...he was screaming again. I went in and changed the movie again. 10 minutes later...screaming again. The battery had died. So I picked him up, brought him downstairs, put on a Little Einsteins video, and laid down on the couch. It was 5:30. My alarm had been set for 5:45.

Towards the end of the first episode I noticed that he was slouching down to the floor (he had been standing, leaning against the couch) so I scooped him up and cuddled him. A couple of minutes later, he had just fallen asleep...when my cell phone rang.

The caller ID said it was in Washington. I don't know anybody in Washington. So I hit "ignore". A minute later my phone started chiming again - they left a voicemail. Some random wrong-number who can barely speak English. And they keep on calling me.

Anyway, Brandon fell asleep on the couch with me, and I scooped him up and put him in bed with Brian. They will probably still be asleep when I get home. Lucky bastards.

So now I'm on my way to yoga class for the first time in a month. I've been up for four hours already. So it's not like I'll be able to fully participate. Fabulous.

I'm just waiting for that broken-English speaking Washingtonian to call me again. I will answer this time. And oooh, boy, will they hear it for calling me before 6am on a Sunday morning.


Mother Hoodwink said...

Wow. Next time, tell your family to come visit you. I don't think I would have been able to go anywhere after a night like that.

Kerry said...

Oh, they have been told! Believe me. They are well aware that there is a VERY short list of things that are important enough for us to make the trip with a toddler in tow - FIL's retirement was one of those things. They all know darn well that Christmas, for example, is NOT on the list.

The amazing thing is, last night wasn't that much worse than just about every Saturday night from the time I started taking this class (in August) until...oh, about two months ago. It's amazing what you can adjust to.