Friday, August 31, 2007


I want this for my birthday. I have reached the 200 photo limit.

are you kidding me?

Higglytown Heroes today...holy crap. Made me absolutely crazy.

They went to the pool. Fran told them they couldn't go in the water because their parents weren't there and it's not safe to go swimming without an adult there to watch you. So they called for "someone special". I saw where this was going and I didn't like it one bit. What Higglytown Hero do you think showed up? A lifeguard, naturally.

Now, why would this bother me? You shouldn't go swimming without a lifeguard on duty, right? Right, but there's more to it than that. The lifeguard literally sang the line, "when your parents aren't around, I will keep you safe and sound!"

First of all, this implies that if your parents are around, you don't need a lifeguard. Most parents aren't trained in rescue techniques, first aid, and CPR.

Second, lifeguards are not a substitute for parental supervision. I used to work at a pool. We had a HUGE problem with parents just dropping kids off and leaving. Lifeguards are not babysitters! They are there to make sure nobody drowns. Period. The pool is not daycare. Playhouse Disney should be ashamed of themselves for sending this message to kids, and more importantly, to their parents!

I remember one occasion when a preschooler was rescued from the deep end. The mother had left her in the baby pool, completely unattended, and she had wandered over to the deep end and jumped in. First of all - it is VERY possible to drown in the baby pool! Second...hello? If her mother had been watching her, she wouldn't have jumped in the deep end! Yes, the lifeguards saved her. But come on, now!

Again: Lifeguards are not babysitters. The pool is not daycare. Lifeguards are there to keep people from drowning, and that is ALL. Parents MUST supervise their children when in or around water.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

that's why they make them non-toxic

Brandon just walked over to me and held up his hands. They were covered with something black. My first thought was that he had gotten a hold of a Sharpie or something.
"What did you do??" I asked him.
Then I noticed that his face had black all over it, too.
"What did you do?"
Then he spit out a chewed-up black crayon. Fabulous.

total eclipse of a different kind

I totally wanted to see the eclipse last night. I set my alarm to wake me up 5 minutes before the peak, dragged myself out of bed, grabbed my camera, went outside...and it was cloudy. Couldn't see a darn thing.

Monday, August 27, 2007

this kind of thing is my bag, baby, yeah!

Okay, so Tara tagged me with the meme "what's in your bag?", like, FOREVER ago. I sat down and wrote the entry right away, but I was too lazy to take a picture and I didn't want to post this without a picture, but you know what? I'm going to just go ahead and post it. Without a picture. Because it's been way too long since I've posted something.

My diaper bag is actually a purple corduroy messenger bag that I got on clearance from the children's department at Old Navy, for about $3. At the time I meant to use it as a knitting bag, but it kind of evolved into a diaper bag.

The things that I always throw into my bag before I leave my house:
  • camera
  • cell phone
  • wallet
  • keys
  • 20 oz Rubbermaid sippy straw bottle full of water (for me)
  • 10 oz Gerber color-change sippy cup full of soymilk
  • 7 oz Gerber color-change sippy cup or 10 oz Take & Toss sippy cup with diluted juice (usually white grape)
  • a Take & Toss snack cup of goldfish crackers and/or a Sassy snack cup of grapes
  • a box of raisins
Attached to my keychain:
  • Purell
  • a fuschia Sharpie mini
  • green Chicco bag (reusable nylon shopping bag that folds into a little pouch and attaches to a keychain)
If I am on my way to teach music class I also grab:
  • my iPod
  • a Power Bar (caramel peanut fusion)
If I think I might be stopping at Jamba juice at some point, I also grab an empty 10 oz Take & Toss cup, possibly an insulated one, with a straw lid. (It is very easy for a toddler to poke a hole in a styrofoam cup with their thumb.)

The stuff that has accumulated in my bag:
  • half a box of Sunmaid organic raisins
  • two individually wrapped Wet Ones wipes
  • A Chimes ginger/mint chew
  • A box of regular Sunmaid raisins
  • a small plastic Lightning McQueen
  • a ticket stub from the Pineapple Express (the train ride at the Dole Plantation)
  • my coupon organizer
  • a handful of Jamba Juice napkins
  • a Sushiman menu
  • a bottle of Germ-X hand sanitizer
  • 3 teething biscuits
  • a box of 4 crayons from a restaurant somewhere (most likely IHOP)
  • a cup of mandarin oranges
  • a receipt from Ben Franklin Crafts
  • a wallet photo holder
  • honey-roasted peanuts from Southwest Airlines
  • a vinyl bib
  • a plastic utensil holder with 3 Take & Toss toddler forks
  • a folding changing kit with a wet bag, a pack of CVS brand flushable toddler wipes and 3 disposable diapers
  • a Fisher-Price Doodle Pro
  • a box of Del Monte raisins
  • an "emergency kit" with bandaids, a baby-sized nail file, a nasal aspirator, teething tablets, Baby Orajel, Neosporin, baby Triaminic strips, children's Benadryl fast melt tablets, children's Tylenol meltaways (I stocked my kit with non-liquid meds for our plane ride in June), a pack of Wet Ones, Burt's Bees Res-Q Ointment and a Burt's Bees bug bite relief stick.
  • a Burt's Bees lip shimmer in Rhubarb
  • two loose crayons - yellow and orange (probably from Chili's)
No wonder the strap is ripping off! (Did you notice the two and a half boxes of raisins? Maybe I don't need to grab a new one every time I leave the house!)

In my little suede purse that I bring with me when I go out by myself (and to the park in the evenings when I don't have to bring the whole diaper bag), is a travel-sized bottle of California Baby citronella bug spray, and a handful of loose change on the bottom. Just this morning [as of when I wrote this originally - on 8/18] I emptied out all of the random receipts that were thrown into it; there were 3 bank deposit slips, a handful of Jamba Juice receipts and a handful of receipts from Long's (the drugstore) - both of these are places where I walk with Brandon in the stroller (with the changing kit, emergency kit, DoodlePro and my purse thrown in the basket underneath - along with snacks, drinks, and an empty Take & Toss straw cup).

And that's what's in my bag.

I don't know who to tag. As far as I know, nobody reads this except my mom. And Tara. Anyone want to be tagged?

Friday, August 24, 2007

Secret Entry #2

Morning sickness + killer cold from hell = NOT FUN

On a different topic, if you happen to know that someone is trying to become pregnant, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, DON'T ASK IF THEY ARE YET. First of all, if they're having trouble becoming pregnant, your questioning is just reminding them of their troubles and making them feel like shit. If they ARE pregnant, maybe they have a special way of announcing it planned. Maybe they're just not ready to tell yet. If they've had a previous early miscarriage, it is ESPECIALLY inappropriate for you to ask because they most likely are waiting to get past the point where they lost their previous pregnancy - and until they get to that point, they are having a lot of anxiety and possibly just don't want to think about it.

In any case, if they ARE pregnant, you just put them in a very difficult situation. Either you are forcing them to tell you before they are ready (because if they wanted you to know, they would have told you already), or you are forcing them to lie. Nice work.

And for all the TTC'ers out there...this is why you shouldn't ever tell anyone - EVER - that you are trying to become pregnant. Ever.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Secret Entry #1

You know how you spend more money on groceries when you go shopping hungry? Inversely, you spend less on groceries when you go shopping so nauseous that you can't imagine eating anything ever again.
Morning sickness sucks. The worst part about it is that it gets worse the lower your blood sugar is. So if you wake up feeling like crap because, say, your 20-month-old is teething and kept you up all night, and you don't feel like eating breakfast, it just spirals. You choke down a Power Bar for breakfast because you know that you have to eat something, and then you force yourself to drink a smoothie a couple of hours later, and eat half a serving of pasta salad for lunch (only half a serving because you just drank a smoothie)...and by late afternoon your blood sugar is so low and your stomach is so empty that you can hardly see straight from the nausea. And you know that to feel better, you have to eat something. But you just can't.
But on the upside, I spent about $30 less on groceries than I usually do.

Monday, August 13, 2007

yeah, probably just dumbing it down

Let me clear something up. Folate is naturally occurring. Folic acid is a synthesized version of folate. They are absorbed differently by the body, and not exactly the same thing. So when I see a package of spinach that says it's high in folic acid, it confuses me. Do they add folic acid to the spinach, which already contains a high concentration of folate? Or are they just dumbing it down?

people are self-centered, part 347

When I first started taking yoga classes, it was in college...for credit. On the first day of class, we were handed a syllabus and a list of class rules. So basic yoga etiquette comes more naturally to me than many asanas. Which is why it bothers the hell out of me when somebody comes to yoga class wearing a strongly scented body lotion. You just don't do that. You never know who is going to be bothered by it. Everyone around you is trying to maintain a deep level of inward focus by breathing deeply through their noses! I barely made it through the class. Ugggh.

Monday, August 6, 2007

there is no escaping the "Ka-Chow!"

So Brandon's favorite movie is Cars. We watch it every. Single. Day. He's upstairs in his room right now...I don't know if he's still napping but he's quiet. The point is, we're actually getting to flip through the channels and watch nothing in particular. In the past 15 minutes we have come across a PSA for buckling your seatbelt, featuring clips from...Cars. And then we flipped past Shop MSN, where they were selling flatscreen TV's. And what were they showing on those TV's? You guessed it...Cars.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Pack Date

Pack Date
Originally uploaded by LavenderLily.

Remember the post I wrote about how I bought expired Instant Breakfast at the Commissary? You can almost understand how it might happen with things that sit on the shelf like that. But dairy, eggs...don't they re-stock this stuff daily? Or at least weekly? So how did it happen that on July 24, there were eggs on the shelf that were packed on May 29? How does that go unnoticed?

And I think it's just great, by the way, that I took this picture the very same day that I was complaining about how they keep expired food on the shelf. Brilliant.

Saturday is MARKET DAY!!!

I just got back from the People's Open Market. I've been going for a few weeks now. I love getting fresh, local produce - for less than I would spend at the store. Today I spent $21.40 (including the dime I put in the parking meter) and I got:
  • a bag of onions
  • a large bunch of green onions
  • a bag of several ginger roots
  • 5 ears of corn
  • a Thai watermelon
  • a cantelope
  • a bag of mushrooms
  • a very large bunch of ladyfinger bananas
  • two avocados
  • a bag of snap peas
  • a red bell pepper
I would have gotten more, but I ran out of money. You can also get cut flowers; orchid plants; fresh shrimp, crabs, and fish; lots of different varieties of lettuce and occasionally some herbs as well; and of course, tons of different fruits and vegetables. Pineapples were only $2 today and they looked delicious. I wish I'd still had $2 left when I found them! Then again, I got two melons so I probably don't need a pineapple, too.

Anyway. I love going there. Love it.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

more complaining! hooray!

Those mofos at Jamba Juice overhauled their menu. Specifically, they changed my favorite smoothie and got rid of the boost I've been getting.

The Acai Supercharger now is now called the Acai Super-Antioxidant. It includes their new Antioxidant Power Boost. It might cost more, I don't know. Probably. And acai is already rich in antioxidants. There is such a thing as too many vitamins, you know. Vitamin A in particular. I am paranoid about these things. I have my reasons to be concerned.

And they got rid of the Femme boost. It had calcium, fiber, iron and folic acid. I asked today if they got rid of it, since it was no longer posted on the board, and the girl told me that they replaced it with the Calcium boost - "so that men can get it, too."

Are you f*cking kidding me? Like it used to contain estrogen and progesterone or something? Calcium, fiber, iron and folic acid are good for everyone!!! As a matter of fact, I usually shared my femme-boosted smoothies with my (male) toddler. If they're so concerned about cross-gender marketability, they could have just changed the name.

So now I can get a calcium boost. Or I can get a fiber boost. Or I could pay extra to get both. But what about the iron and the folic acid? That's why I was getting it in the first place!


Friday, August 3, 2007

I am SO cancelling my Old Navy card

I tried to pay my bill online. I couldn't access my account online, because apparently, according to them, I don't know my mother's maiden name. Some data entry clerk made a typo and it f*cked up my whole evening.

And the voice recognition system on their 1-800 number? The single most infuriating, aggravating, mind-numbingly asinine phone system I have ever dealt with. Seriously. Make me listen to a 2-minute-long summary of my account before you even present my options, then don't give me an option to talk to a real person, then misunderstand every damn thing I say. And this is customer service? Honestly.

It's so not worth the 2.5% kickbacks. The quality of their clothes has gone way downhill anyway. Those mofos can bite me. I buy my tank tops at Lady Footlocker now.

pest control

Centipedes are hard to kill. You smash them and smash them and they keep on moving. I've actually been told that the only way to kill them is by picking them up and cutting them in half with a pair of scissors! Now, I'm too squeamish to even smash them, so obviously picking one up and cutting it in half is out of the question.

But you know what? It's really not that difficult after all. A while back, Brian told me what to do, and I just did it, and it works. Really well. Dish soap. Squirt it with dish soap. It gets smothered and dies very quickly. Then you can pick it up with 8 layers of paper towel and flush it down the toilet.