Friday, August 3, 2007

I am SO cancelling my Old Navy card

I tried to pay my bill online. I couldn't access my account online, because apparently, according to them, I don't know my mother's maiden name. Some data entry clerk made a typo and it f*cked up my whole evening.

And the voice recognition system on their 1-800 number? The single most infuriating, aggravating, mind-numbingly asinine phone system I have ever dealt with. Seriously. Make me listen to a 2-minute-long summary of my account before you even present my options, then don't give me an option to talk to a real person, then misunderstand every damn thing I say. And this is customer service? Honestly.

It's so not worth the 2.5% kickbacks. The quality of their clothes has gone way downhill anyway. Those mofos can bite me. I buy my tank tops at Lady Footlocker now.


Mother Hoodwink said...

Their clothes are starting to suck hard lately. I saw a shirt I really liked on their site and almost bought it in three different colors. I couldn't tell by the picture on the site how it would fit me so I checked it out in the store. So glad I didn't buy it online. It was paper thin. WTF!? Like I was to wear a long sleeve shirt that you can see my bra through. Plus they were 15 bucks a pop. Ugh, no thanks. I've only recently realized how nice the clothes at Target and Kohl's are. They're about the same prices but better quality.

Kerry said...

Oh, just make me miss Target even more, why don't you.
I actually do have a few semi-see-through shirts, but I like layering. I only buy from the clearance rack at Old Navy nowadays. It's not worth spending more than $3. My main issues with them lately are:
1. they don't preshrink anything anymore (but this is true of most clothing manufacturers)
2. the quality of the fabric is so low that something that looks good when you first put it on ends up stretching out and looking like crap within an hour
3. I bought a tank top in a beautiful shade of indigo blue, which I washed in cold water with my other delicates, and it bled and ruined SEVEN of my shirts (and one of Brian's).

Mother Hoodwink said...

Wait, I thought I told you that Target has started to ship most of their merchandise to Hawaii and Alaska. Did I forget? Oops, sorry.

Scroll down to "Shipping Restrictions." It says only heavy or oversized packages can only be sent to the 48 states. Then there's something about how if you're a family member of someone in the military who is serving overseas, you can still send them stuff. They give examples of Europe and Africa. If they're shipping there, they'll ship to Hawaii for sure.

Mother Hoodwink said...

Crap, you can't see that link. Just go to and click on your shopping cart, then where it says "Help", click on "Shipping" then look under "Browse Help" and click "Shipping Addresses & Restrictions." It explains it all right there.