Saturday, August 4, 2007

more complaining! hooray!

Those mofos at Jamba Juice overhauled their menu. Specifically, they changed my favorite smoothie and got rid of the boost I've been getting.

The Acai Supercharger now is now called the Acai Super-Antioxidant. It includes their new Antioxidant Power Boost. It might cost more, I don't know. Probably. And acai is already rich in antioxidants. There is such a thing as too many vitamins, you know. Vitamin A in particular. I am paranoid about these things. I have my reasons to be concerned.

And they got rid of the Femme boost. It had calcium, fiber, iron and folic acid. I asked today if they got rid of it, since it was no longer posted on the board, and the girl told me that they replaced it with the Calcium boost - "so that men can get it, too."

Are you f*cking kidding me? Like it used to contain estrogen and progesterone or something? Calcium, fiber, iron and folic acid are good for everyone!!! As a matter of fact, I usually shared my femme-boosted smoothies with my (male) toddler. If they're so concerned about cross-gender marketability, they could have just changed the name.

So now I can get a calcium boost. Or I can get a fiber boost. Or I could pay extra to get both. But what about the iron and the folic acid? That's why I was getting it in the first place!



Mother Hoodwink said...

That's dumb.

You should just get chocolate shakes instead of those confusingly healthy smoothies. That way you will for sure get your daily intake of chocolate which is just as important as those 8 glasses of water, you know.

Kerry said...

Between the chocolate soymilk and the handfuls of chocolate chips, I think I have my chocolate intake taken care of. ;)