Sunday, August 5, 2007

Pack Date

Pack Date
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Remember the post I wrote about how I bought expired Instant Breakfast at the Commissary? You can almost understand how it might happen with things that sit on the shelf like that. But dairy, eggs...don't they re-stock this stuff daily? Or at least weekly? So how did it happen that on July 24, there were eggs on the shelf that were packed on May 29? How does that go unnoticed?

And I think it's just great, by the way, that I took this picture the very same day that I was complaining about how they keep expired food on the shelf. Brilliant.

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Tara said...

I could understand a little if the package date was hard to find but it's right there printed in big bold letters. Ick.

You know how we were on WIC? Even though I told them that Gavin only drank maybe one or two bottles a month, they gave me checks to buy eight cans a month? We cashed in the checks anyways and just gave the formula to the Duceys for their new little one. A few weeks ago we had some leftover checks and we cashed them in for the formula and didn't realize until we got home that some of them were a year past their expiration date. The commissary is really pissing me off. For some babies formula is all they eat. So they don't even care enough to make sure that a baby's only food source is even good. We should start a movement.