Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Secret Entry #1

You know how you spend more money on groceries when you go shopping hungry? Inversely, you spend less on groceries when you go shopping so nauseous that you can't imagine eating anything ever again.
Morning sickness sucks. The worst part about it is that it gets worse the lower your blood sugar is. So if you wake up feeling like crap because, say, your 20-month-old is teething and kept you up all night, and you don't feel like eating breakfast, it just spirals. You choke down a Power Bar for breakfast because you know that you have to eat something, and then you force yourself to drink a smoothie a couple of hours later, and eat half a serving of pasta salad for lunch (only half a serving because you just drank a smoothie)...and by late afternoon your blood sugar is so low and your stomach is so empty that you can hardly see straight from the nausea. And you know that to feel better, you have to eat something. But you just can't.
But on the upside, I spent about $30 less on groceries than I usually do.

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