Monday, August 27, 2007

this kind of thing is my bag, baby, yeah!

Okay, so Tara tagged me with the meme "what's in your bag?", like, FOREVER ago. I sat down and wrote the entry right away, but I was too lazy to take a picture and I didn't want to post this without a picture, but you know what? I'm going to just go ahead and post it. Without a picture. Because it's been way too long since I've posted something.

My diaper bag is actually a purple corduroy messenger bag that I got on clearance from the children's department at Old Navy, for about $3. At the time I meant to use it as a knitting bag, but it kind of evolved into a diaper bag.

The things that I always throw into my bag before I leave my house:
  • camera
  • cell phone
  • wallet
  • keys
  • 20 oz Rubbermaid sippy straw bottle full of water (for me)
  • 10 oz Gerber color-change sippy cup full of soymilk
  • 7 oz Gerber color-change sippy cup or 10 oz Take & Toss sippy cup with diluted juice (usually white grape)
  • a Take & Toss snack cup of goldfish crackers and/or a Sassy snack cup of grapes
  • a box of raisins
Attached to my keychain:
  • Purell
  • a fuschia Sharpie mini
  • green Chicco bag (reusable nylon shopping bag that folds into a little pouch and attaches to a keychain)
If I am on my way to teach music class I also grab:
  • my iPod
  • a Power Bar (caramel peanut fusion)
If I think I might be stopping at Jamba juice at some point, I also grab an empty 10 oz Take & Toss cup, possibly an insulated one, with a straw lid. (It is very easy for a toddler to poke a hole in a styrofoam cup with their thumb.)

The stuff that has accumulated in my bag:
  • half a box of Sunmaid organic raisins
  • two individually wrapped Wet Ones wipes
  • A Chimes ginger/mint chew
  • A box of regular Sunmaid raisins
  • a small plastic Lightning McQueen
  • a ticket stub from the Pineapple Express (the train ride at the Dole Plantation)
  • my coupon organizer
  • a handful of Jamba Juice napkins
  • a Sushiman menu
  • a bottle of Germ-X hand sanitizer
  • 3 teething biscuits
  • a box of 4 crayons from a restaurant somewhere (most likely IHOP)
  • a cup of mandarin oranges
  • a receipt from Ben Franklin Crafts
  • a wallet photo holder
  • honey-roasted peanuts from Southwest Airlines
  • a vinyl bib
  • a plastic utensil holder with 3 Take & Toss toddler forks
  • a folding changing kit with a wet bag, a pack of CVS brand flushable toddler wipes and 3 disposable diapers
  • a Fisher-Price Doodle Pro
  • a box of Del Monte raisins
  • an "emergency kit" with bandaids, a baby-sized nail file, a nasal aspirator, teething tablets, Baby Orajel, Neosporin, baby Triaminic strips, children's Benadryl fast melt tablets, children's Tylenol meltaways (I stocked my kit with non-liquid meds for our plane ride in June), a pack of Wet Ones, Burt's Bees Res-Q Ointment and a Burt's Bees bug bite relief stick.
  • a Burt's Bees lip shimmer in Rhubarb
  • two loose crayons - yellow and orange (probably from Chili's)
No wonder the strap is ripping off! (Did you notice the two and a half boxes of raisins? Maybe I don't need to grab a new one every time I leave the house!)

In my little suede purse that I bring with me when I go out by myself (and to the park in the evenings when I don't have to bring the whole diaper bag), is a travel-sized bottle of California Baby citronella bug spray, and a handful of loose change on the bottom. Just this morning [as of when I wrote this originally - on 8/18] I emptied out all of the random receipts that were thrown into it; there were 3 bank deposit slips, a handful of Jamba Juice receipts and a handful of receipts from Long's (the drugstore) - both of these are places where I walk with Brandon in the stroller (with the changing kit, emergency kit, DoodlePro and my purse thrown in the basket underneath - along with snacks, drinks, and an empty Take & Toss straw cup).

And that's what's in my bag.

I don't know who to tag. As far as I know, nobody reads this except my mom. And Tara. Anyone want to be tagged?

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Mother Hoodwink said...

Good God, woman! So this is a children's bag? You got a great deal.