Friday, September 7, 2007

Secret Entry #3

Today I ate a Power Bar before I got out of bed, and then I ate two (cold) Ring Dings for breakfast. (Creme-filled snack cakes MUST be cold - right out of the fridge. That is non-negotiable for me. It always has been.)
A couple of hours after my nutritious breakfast, I took Brandon to the Aquarium. I knew that I would be hungry but for some reason I thought there was a snack bar there. There is not. I didn't even see a candy machine. Brandon had his box of raisins, and his teething biscuit (which I call a "cookie" now), and his juice and his milk. I had...water.
We left around 11:30. The whole way home I was trying to figure out what I was going to eat for lunch when we got home. The only things that were coming to mind were things that I absolutely have no access to. That's the way it's been so far with this pregnancy. Other than pickles (which also MUST be cold), and cheese quesadillas from Taco Bell for a couple of days very early on, I have been craving:
  • bourbon chicken - the "cajun" place at Ala Moana closed months ago.
  • chicken fingers from Raising Cain's - a chicken place in Louisiana
  • the ahi burger I got at the Fish Hut in Kapa'a, Kaua'i - that thing was to die for. I have also craved their fried scallops.
  • shrimp fajitas from ChiChis - a mexican restaurant we used to go to when I was a kid. Not only was it in New York, it closed at least 15 years ago (although the company still manufactures salsa)
  • shrimp fried rice from the Chinese restaurant on my corner in Philly - closed at least 5 years ago
  • shrimp tempura rolls from the sushi place we used to go to in New Orleans. Shrimp tempura rolls rock because they are crispy tempura-battered fried shrimp, rolled in chewy rice; and this one particular place drizzled a heavenly delicious creamy sauce over the top. So not only delicious, but crispy, chewy and creamy all at once. This is the craving that has been absolutely killing me for the past two days.
I ended up having potato & cheddar pierogies with tomato sauce, a childhood favorite of mine. It was good, and it feels great to have eaten something substantial...but I still want those tempura rolls, dammit.


Mother Hoodwink said...

Damn it, Kerry! Can we please get our own identities?! Early on I also craved cheese quesadillas from Taco Bell. Which was so annoying because they never listened to me when I said "no sauce and no chicken." I started making my own.

I was on a Ring Ding roll a couple of months ago. I never had really eaten them. (I'm more of a Hostess Cupcake girl.) Now that I know about eating them cold, I'm craving them again.

Don't even get my started on the seafood. I have been wanting crab legs for months. We know of one Chinese buffet that serves them but it's crazy far away and the one time we went they weren't serving them that day. Oh and sushi? I want it all. I've only been able to get my hands on California rolls because all the sushi places around here are really nice and not made for children. Boo. Did you hear that raw fish is actually ok for pregnant women now? I read this article that says that more food illnesses were caused by chicken than anything else and something like 90% of seafood illnesses are caused by raw oysters. So just stay away from raw oysters and things are cool.

Oh and I was a HUGE Chi-chis fan when I was a kid. I went back when I was older right before they closed down and... not as good as I remembered. Although they did have the best taco salad shells ever.

Ok this is way long. Sorry.

Kerry said...

Um, wow, you're totally right, we need to stop being so much alike. it's getting scary.
I never really eat the raw sushi anyway but it's nice to know that I could if I wanted to.
I'm totally over the quesadillas and I'm on to Baja Chicken Gorditas now. I could eat them anytime. I just had two for lunch, as a matter of fact. With a root beer. Mmmmm.