Saturday, September 8, 2007

vehicular musings

I learned something recently. The reason why so many people in Hawaii drive scooters and mopeds isn't just because they're cheap, or because the gas is cheap, it's also because they don't have to be insured.

This scares me immensely.

The way a lot of these people drive is frightening in and of itself. But knowing that these zooming road hazards aren't even's enough to make me never want to drive again. For instance, today I saw a guy on a scooter, no helmet (naturally), speeding, smoking a cigarette AND talking on a cell phone. How exactly do you steer a scooter with one hand? And what happens when he has to ash his cigarette?

I have been driving around for the past two weeks seeing potential accidents everywhere. Because, you see, two weeks ago, I was in an accident. I was on the highway, the person in front of me stopped short, and I couldn't stop in time. I don't remember seeing anything, I don't remember reacting, I just remember all of a sudden the vehicle in front of me had stopped and I went to put my foot on the brake, but it was already there. For a while I wondered if I had blacked out, or if I just wasn't paying attention, but I know that that wasn't the case. I had my iPod hooked up to the car stereo through the cigarette lighter, so when my engine stopped a few seconds after the impact, my iPod shut off, too. So I was able to back it up and listen to the music that was playing in the seconds leading up to the crash, and here's the weird part - I remember hearing that music. I even remember specifically that I was looking at the bumper of the car in front of me! But I don't remember reacting to the fact that they had stopped short. Weirdness.

Well anyway, they're fixing my car; it's mostly body work and the radiator and parts of the AC need to be replaced. I don't know how much the value of the car is going to go down and I don't know how much my insurance rates are going to go up. We shall see, I guess.

And here's a little tidbit that I never knew: if you're in a crash, and the impact misses your bumper (if, for instance, you're in a car and you hit a minivan/SUV that is much higher than yours, and your bumper goes under their bumper) - your airbags will not deploy, because the sensor for the airbags is in the bumper. Good to know.


Tara said...

Do you think that maybe the person in front of you stopped short on purpose? Like hurried up and got in front of you then braked? If you remember the music and the bumper, it just seems weird. Maybe they are professional scammers.

Kerry said...

Interesting theory. I'd like to think that a lady with her two young children in the car wouldn't do something like that. She said the person in front of her stopped short. Whatever.