Wednesday, October 3, 2007

knocked up

In case you can't tell from the fetus floating around in my sidebar, I am pregnant.

For a while I thought my due date was 4-20, and that was so funny, but I forgot that next year is a leap year so it's actually 4-19. Not that due dates mean anything anyway. Brandon came at 37wks, 5days.

I wrote four "secret" entries over the past few weeks that I saved instead of publishing. They are published now so you can go back and read them if you want to. The are named...wait for it...Secret Entry #1-4. (They are all tagged with the topic "pregnancy", btw.) I think three of them are about food.

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Mama Luxe said...

Congratulations!!! BTW--I got my new template up and plan to start posting and having guest bloggers on An Army Wife's Life. If you are still interested, just drop me a line at mamaluxe at gmail dot com and let me know what and when you'd like to put up a post!