Saturday, October 27, 2007

Zoom Zoom Zoom!

We picked up the car at the body shop on Wednesday. All of a sudden it all made sense - why it took two months for them to fix our car, why they expected us to come in immediately at our "scheduled" pickup time (not that we had any say in when that time was). The place is HUGE. I mean, truly enormous. Cars and people everywhere, and the smallest, worst-planned-out parking lot I've ever seen. You'd think it was the only body shop in the state.

Anyway, Brian went to the Mazda dealer, worked his magic, used the force, and got them to pay off the rest of the loan. And now I have a pretty black Mazda 5 with a moonroof and a kickass stereo. I've never had a car stereo that could be controlled through buttons on the steering wheel before. I've also never had a remote keyless entry system or an ignition key that pops out of the remote like a jackknife. Kickass.

Brandon is IN LOVE with this car. I took him for a drive yesterday afternoon and he was so sleepy but really fighting off the nap because he was so excited about the car. He loves being up high enough to actually see things out the window. For all of the times we've driven over the mountains, I don't think he's ever actually seen Kaneohe Bay from the H-3. (And it is a beautiful view, let me tell you.) Anyway he finally dropped off right as we got off of the highway in Kailua, so I turned around to go home and put him in his bed. He woke up instantly when I turned off the engine in our driveway, of course. When I lifted him out of the seat and stood him in the driveway, he cried and clung to the seat. He loves this car.

I love it too, by the way. It stops when I put my foot on the brake, first of all. And it's zippy and pretty.

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Mother Hoodwink said...

I had radio controls on the steering wheel of my very old and grandma like Bonneville. It was the only cool thing about the car. Also, jackknife key? Awesome. Very pretty car.