Sunday, November 25, 2007


Everything in my house is falling apart at the same time. The major complaints that I called maintenance with last week included no hot water and that the ice maker stopped working. They fixed the hot water heater right away, and they're coming on Tuesday to fix the rest of the list (because there was more, much more). And now...the oven stopped working. In the middle of the night it started beeping erratically and now it's not heating up. It's warm...ish, but I wouldn't call it hot. The top heating element is heating up, but not the bottom one.

I have birthday cakes to bake today.


Mother Hoodwink said...

Do you guys have privatized housing? I wonder if that makes a difference in how quickly they respond to complaints.

Kerry said...

Yeah, we do. There's such an insanely huge number of units for them to take care of that you generally have to wait at least a week for them to take care of non-emergency stuff. They did come out right away for the hot water heater, though.
I'm going over a friend's house this afternoon to use her oven. It should be interesting to transport the batter.