Tuesday, November 20, 2007

bulk it up, baby

I think that a lot of people know that you get a better deal on things like grains and legumes and nuts when you buy from bulk bins, but my particular natural foods store has spices and seasonings in bulk as well, and I wonder if people know how much money you can save on that stuff. I refilled my bottle of Italian Seasoning for 27 cents today. You know I would've spent at least 6 times that if I'd bought a bottle at the grocery store. I also spent $3.54 on two vanilla beans, and I know I could get a much better deal per bean from certain internet vendors, but I would have to buy like 16 of them and pay for shipping, so on the whole, $1.77 each actually seems like a pretty good deal to me.

And they had natural maple flavoring. I'd never seen that before. Of course I had to get it. It was the only thing I got today that wasn't on my list. I was very proud of myself.

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