Sunday, November 11, 2007

one of those moms

I am planning Brandon's 2nd birthday party. It is the Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend.

I get really into party planning. I mean, I go overboard every single year for Thanksgiving dinner, and we usually don't even have any guests. I just enjoy the planning, maybe even more than I enjoy the execution of those plans.

Anyway, I've realized that I'm becoming one of those moms who goes maybe a little overboard with the birthday parties. Not the kind of overboard where you rent a hall or hire 4 clowns and a petting zoo, or spend hundreds of dollars on food, but the kind of overboard where all or most of the food goes with the theme and you make your own decorations because the store-bought ones just aren't enough. And it occurs to me that perhaps it might come across to some people as a bit competitive. Like, "my kid's birthday party is better than YOUR kid's birthday party!"

But I have to say that, for me at least, I do it because I honestly enjoy it. I'm not trying to prove anything by baking cakes from scratch and making real lemonade (not from a mix) - I just really like doing it. And I make the invitations and the thank you cards myself because it's a great excuse for me to geek out and spend an evening with Photoshop, the way I used to when I was in college and would stay up all night on the computer doing nothing in particular, just for fun.

At any rate, this is the invitation for Brandon's party this year. I made it using this tutorial which I stumbled across while trying to find a high-res picture from the movie to Photoshop Brandon into. (Click to view it enlarged. There's some blank space in the middle because I left out the details like our address, phone number and last name, for what should be obvious reasons!)

The background picture is behind the hotel where we stayed in Kauai last summer. Brian is a 1978 Monte Carlo, and he insisted that I had to be a Delorian, because I was born in 1980, and "nothing says 80's like a Delorian". Brandon is a Mini Cooper.


Sunshine said...

I think your Photoshop skillz are MAD!!

I do my kids birthdays big too, I mean even just for family I try to make sure they know how much we are glad they were born.

Life should be a celebration. Your son will love what you've come up with!

Kerry said...

Aww, thanks Sunshine!

Mother Hoodwink said...

Disregard the question I just asked you on MySpace. For Gav's first birthday we were this close to making it all about Cinco de Mayo, since that is his birthday. It's just that if we made tacos and margaritas, I would have had to host it at our house and I didn't want to. I opted to be lazy to save myself the sanity of cleaning my entire house out.

But yeah, those invites are awesome and I love that you're the Delorian.