Saturday, December 29, 2007

I'm sure I will find more examples in the future

Some people just shouldn't be allowed to write reviews on (or anywhere else). Even ignoring the people who review things they don't own ("this looks so nice", etc) and the people who use reviews as a forum to ask questions...there are some people who are just so stupid that they should have their keyboards taken away before they hurt themselves.

Like the guy who trashed John Mayer's Continuum because it doesn't contain any songs that he (the reviewer) identified with, as on past albums (because as we all know, our favorite artists should be writing about what's going on in our lives, not theirs) - and then went on to complain that the titles of the songs were too simple, citing "Bold as Love" as an example. John Mayer didn't write "Bold as Love". It's a $#^&@*& Jimi Hendrix song. Dumbass.

I thought that one was bad. Then I started researching blenders. Man, oh man, are there some stupid people out there. Somebody actually deducted a star because "liquid can seep out from the bottom without its rubber gasket." In other words: if you lose the piece that is there to keep it from leaking, it will leak.

Holy God in Heaven. I think my head's about to explode.


Sunshine said...

I agree, and on the flip side, if you don't like something and other people do like it, no matter how well explained and thought out your review is, people will say it was "not helpful".

But actually owning and having used the product would be a good first start in reviewing said product. Duh.

Mother Hoodwink said...

I detest those people that give a rating on a product based on the shitty shipping. They say nothing about the product, just that it arrived damaged or late. Yeah, that doesn't help my decision on wanting a product.